Looking to talk to pension and ISA investors

Journalist: Emma Simon, Morningstar.co.uk

ended 04. April 2022

I write a regular column for MORNINGSTAR where I talk to investors, about what their goals are, and what funds or shares they might invest in. 

The investors can be anonymous -  there are no right or wrong answers, we are just trying to get some insight in to what matters to investors, who may have very different risk profiles, or be be at different life stages. 

I generally send out a list of about eight quick questions by email, and people reply - but happy to talk through on the phone too, if people prefer. As it is anonymous, I'm more than happy for people to work for financial services companies, provided they are talking about where they invest their own money. (We never ask how much is invested, just what kind of products they buy, what has done well, what hasn't performed as they'd hoped and what lessons they've learned on the way). 

If any of your clients might be interested in featuring in this, please let me know — either on this page, or by emailing me on emma@emmasimon.co.uk. Happy to include questions on why they think they have benefited from getting advice, for example.

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