Living with Covid - psychologist wanted urgently

ended 21. February 2022

A journalist at the UK's biggest newswire, PA Media, is looking for views from psychologists on how people should mentally prepare themselves for ‘living with Covid’ as the rules are set to change by the end of the week. Please jot down a few lines and also add your mobile so Prudence can call you. Deadline is ASAP!

2 responses from the Newspage community

Happy to expand on 07912 690856. Lots of focus on Freedom Day, but preparing for the longer term and going at your pace. Managing risk healthily and becoming more tolerance of uncertainty. Acceptance of a range of behaviours from others, with clarity on the bigger picture. Understanding your self-talk and how you can shape this to support you. Lots of other thoughts too!
For many the idea of 'living with Covid' will be of little consequence. But a proportion of people, particularly those with suppressed immune systems or pre-existing mental health problems are likely to experience high levels of anxiety and this can limit their sense of safety and freedom to be out in the world and living their normal lives. Managing this anxiety will be key to 'living with Covid'. Balancing our perception of threat, rationalising catastrophic thinking and taking steps to reduce avoidance will help us to rebuild confidence and reconnect us with our lives whilst maintaining a sense of safety.