Jubilee marketing activity

ended 30. May 2022

With the Jubilee weekend approaching, are you doing anything Jubilee-related to try and boost revenues or donations for your business or charity (the wackier the better)? Also, is the jubilee weekend set to be a boost for your business or charity or a blow that you could probably do without in the current climate? Just a paragraph or two will do. Deadline is end of play today.


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We've sold a range of Jubilee giftboxes for offices or individuals working from home. The range has been a good boost for us as we look to cover the increased cost of literally EVERYTHING. We have had a very good response to the gifts as employers look to boost the morale of colleagues during a time where it's easier to be down and gloomy than in a celebratory mood. I just hope I don't have to see Charles sitting on a gold throne ever again.
People certainly aren’t missing the opportunity to party this week. The demand for DJs has gone through the roof and I’ve found myself stacked out with 5 weddings and a Jubilee festival - loving it. I’ve even rebranded for the occasion - https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd8dII9I5ag/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
At Fudge Kitchen, we've recreated Her Majesty's favourite teatime treat, "Chocolate Biscuit Cake" in fudge form. Our most popular rich chocolate fudge has been fully loaded with crunchy gluten-free biscuits, in partnership with local Kentish baker, Kerry's Bakehouse. Made by hand in small 10kg batches, each slice of fudge is dusted with edible platinum shimmer. Available in our 6 UK stores in historic cities and online by the slice, or in 6 and 12 slice "street party" boxes for sharing over the bank holiday weekend. Fudge Kitchen celebrates 40 years of trading in 2023 and creates artisan, handmade sugar confectionery for the UK's top luxury department stores, hotels, and other great hospitality icons.
" On the run up to the Jubilee weekend we have a 15% discount code running across our website. This is in a desperate attempt to boost sales. Bank holidays are always tough for my ecommerce jewellery business as people's attention is focused away from online retail and luxury goods. The jubilee weekend will certaining not be good for us. I expect to see sales plummet from Thursday onwards. Sadly the additional jubilee bank holiday is another crushing blow the retail sector could have done without. "
As a website specialising in British-Made products, sellers on Buy Britain have been keen to get involved in celebrating the Jubilee. A number of them have released special edition products ahead of the event. Two of the most popular sellers are a handmade chocolate crown by artisan chocolatier Marc Demarquette and a special edition jubilee gin by Gin in A Tin. Considering all that is going on the world at the moment, we have seen positive sales growth over the last month in the run up to the Jubilee. However, if the weather is good over the bank holiday, our suspicion is that online sales may go down during the event itself as people head outside to enjoy the festivities.
The Jubilee is an exciting time for many and certainly a great time for a party. With this in mind we are encouraging our supporters to donate and/or fundraise for Ectodermal Dysplasia during activities such as street parties. This could be charging for tickets, cake sales etc. Any party is a great and easy way to fundraise and support small charities like ourselves. Also, in the week running up to the Jubilee weekend we are offering 15% discount on our charity merchandise in a desperate attempt to boost sales.
The Platinum Jubilee is definitely something a lot of NOT ON AMAZON members could do without. At a time when they're struggling more than ever financially, small business owners are in no position to take extra days off to praise the figurehead of a state which is failing them. Undoubtedly some businesses will be making stacks from Jubilee themed tat which will be in landfill this time next week but as part of our ethical stance we decided we weren't going to have any Jubilee themed products on our page. This will have had a negative impact on some businesses but overall the feedback from our members regarding our position has been positive.
In honour of the Jubilee, we will be having an office BBQ in our car park - with music being played from every year the queen has been in reign, along with some fun activities to raise money for our local charity Safe & Sound. With everything that has happened in the last 2 years and what is, quite frankly happening right now, it is a great opportunity to reflect and appreciate what we have and really make the most of spending time with friends, colleagues and loved ones.
Sales of bunting, party hats and party food has seen a massive increase as you would expect. This is a welcome boost to small businesses who always treat their customers like royalty - particularly pubs, bars and cafes who will see customers making the most of the bonus days off. UK holiday towns will be busy so hope whether customers are staying home or travelling within the UK that they support the many family businesses that are the crowning glory of our town and city centres.
For the Queen's platinum Jubilee I have been doing some pro bono work promoting a "Toddler Traithlon" on behalf of Parent Sanctuary in Huddersfield . Here is some blurb below On Thursday 2nd June 100 Yorkshire toddlers will toddle, ride and splash their way through a Toddler Triathlon to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Greenhead Park in Huddersfield. The intrepid toddlers will have to navigate a 15-metre toddle, a 30-metre balance bike ride and traverse a series of seven water hazards including muddy puddles and paddling pools filled with jelly, plastic ducks and sensory items. Many of the toddlers will record video messages for the Queen. Others will create drawings and letters to send to Her Majesty on this very special occasion. The children and parents at the event will also be creating a giant artwork modelled on the Queen’s head, as seen on a postage stamp. The 10 metre by 6 metre art-work will be made using old baby clothes. The event kicks off at 11 am and is expected to finish in time for an afternoon nap at 3pm. The event is being organised by Huddersfield based groups Parent Sanctuary, Yaga Art and Little Bikers. Parent Sanctuary supports parents and their children in their physical and mental health, using time in nature, social activities and education. Rachel Devereux from Parent Sanctuary said, “We wanted to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a fun and giggle provoking activity that gives children a chance to show off what they can do and hopefully provides some joy for everyone who hears about or sees our celebration.” “Our Jubilee Event is designed to bring people together and allow them to connect. It’s a chance to put the sadness of the past two years behind us, and set aside our worries for the future. If the pandemic has shown us anything; it’s how damaging loneliness and isolation can be.” Caleb, aged 7, said "The Queen is Queen Elizabeth. She has reigned for 75 years. She's a good queen because she makes excellent choices.” Journalists are welcome to film and photograph the Toddler Triathlon and use some of the toddler’s video messages for the Queen by arrangement. Call 01484 420386/ 07778425706 to arrange ----------------ENDS------------------- Notes for editors + kids quotes 1. Greenhead Park in Huddersfield is a picturesque park on the edge of the town centre, with a large, elegant duck pond and a beautiful glazed conservatory café. The Toddler Triathlon Jubilee Event will also feature stalls from local projects and businesses. Address for sat navs- Greenhead Park, Trinity Street, Huddersfield, HD1 4DT. 2. Extended quotes from the kids… Who is the Queen? "I the Queen" Who is the Queen of England? "A Lady" Is she a good Queen? “Yeah”. Zara aged 2 Who is the Queen? "the oldest person on earth" Who is the Queen of England? "That's a hard question" Is she a good Queen? “Yes”. Hemera aged 5. "The Queen is Queen Elizabeth. She has reigned for 75 years. She's a good queen because she makes excellent choices.” Caleb aged 7. "Queens and Princesses aren't in real life.” Audrey age 4. 3. Further quote from Rachel Devereux, Parent Sanctuary “Parent Sanctuary are all about connection- building bonds and helping families improve their mental and physical health through spending time outdoors. Whether that means building closeness through carrying your baby in a sling, creating connections with other new parents who are going through the same changes, or allowing time for a mindful step back into nature.” “We encourage parents and children to embrace the outdoors and take a break from the distractions of modern life. There are a whole host of benefits to spending time outside; natural light during the day can help to promote better sleep, Vitamin D from sunlight is a recognised mood-booster, and getting moving produces endorphins – happy hormones.”
Finbo Illustrations will be exhibiting at Cheshire Fest this weekend. We will be selling our UK made cards, gifts and stationery and shouting about buying British and appreciating the flora and fauna of the UK! As the artist, I create detailed illustrations of British Wildlife and wildflowers and I want to encourage a love of the natural world and the spirit of adventure, without having to step on an aeroplane. There’s just no way I would have our products manufactured on the other side of the globe. I hope it’ll be a fun filled weekend with communities coming together and celebrating all the things we love about our little island. The Queen herself has a passion for nature and wildlife, so I bet she would love both our products and our values. She had been a fantastic patron for wildlife charities such as the RSPB, and many others, for many years.
As the cost of living crisis deepens, I have seen small businesses closing their Esty shop and websites, as it is becoming more and more expensive to maintain an online presence. Esty has recently increased their fees by a massive 30%, hitting creatives hard, at a time when they are desperately trying to make ends meet. Here at the Silk Purse Guild, I've been slowly building something very different, since 2017. A marketplace that charges NO listings fees or commissions, packed with unexpected extras to help EVERY small business succeed. We opened our doors on March 2020 (who saw that coming, right?) and have been quietly ticking along until we officially launch at 100 shops. The Silk Purse Guild is aiming to be an entirely different cuppa tea for your biscuit, with an in house marketing program, graphic design services free for members and even free web design. With our exclusive "Pocket Website" technology. We are aiming to bring together a the business owners on and offline presence, with a business card that can whisk a customer right into their online shop. Many makers currently feel that they have no choice but to focus their attentions on either selling online, or attending fairs, in order to survive. This is absolutely not the case. For the Jubilee weekend I'm running a HUGE Giveaway, to raise awareness of the Silk Purse Guild, and celebrate the best of British makers. I want to tell as many makers as I can that we are here, fully set up and live, with sales coming in. The first 100 shops to sign up get 12 months selling for free, from the date we launch. Our Platinum Jubilee GIVEAWAY will be game changing for 1 persons business, as I am offering FREE lifetime membership for the lucky winner. All they need to do is add a Jubilee themed image to our Hangout onsite. It's super easy and it can be anything at all. Whether they are making, baking or bootie shaking, we will be plastering our socials with celebrations from this once in a lifetime event. The winner will be the image that gets the most likes (so yes, getting your friends to like your image is a strategy, not cheating!) I am going to be administering this GIVEAWAY behind the scenes, whilst escorting my Mum to the "Party at the Palace!" Being at the heart of this once in a lifetime event myself (but I can't enter as that will be cheating!).