Isolation rules to be cut

ended 13. January 2022

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is today expected to confirm that the time people with Covid-19 have to spend in self-isolation is to be cut. The changes are expected to see people being allowed to leave self-isolation after completing five full days, with negative tests on days five and six.

  • Has your business or charity suffered from the isolation rules?
  • Have the Government waited too long to announce this?
  • Is it time to just get on with our lives or are self-isolation measures still important and necessary?

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6 responses from the Newspage community

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"Running a skin clinic, I've experienced the issues of self-isolation first hand. Appointments have suffered during the past three months as people have been cancelling because they have been isolating. However, I believe self-isolation measures are important to prevent spreading, especially with us being in the personal care industry and being in close contact with clients all the time. There needs to be a balance and I think the reduction in isolation is welcome, especially for staff. When you're a small business with limited staff you can't afford to have them off for so long in isolation."
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"It is time to move on and accept that we need to allow businesses to work unfettered. Yes there will still be issues with staff getting ill but that is normal. We need to learn to live with Covid and say goodbye to the restrictions."
"They're making it up as they go along. This is just another announcement to bury the PM's lies and corruption."
"Personally I'd like to see an end to self-isolation unless a more serious variant becomes known as the huge numbers we've seen recently have had a mild impact on the NHS and most of those problems are being caused by critical workers needing to isolate so let's roll up our sleeves and crack on."
"This will be a great relief for small business who have been hit hard with staff shortages, caused by isolation. Staff working in restaurants, pubs and shops simply cannot work from home and the recent disruption has been huge. We were promised life back to normal after the vaccine, surely it's time to get on with our lives, stop damaging small businesses and let people exercise their own choices?"
"This feels like the right balance at the moment. Five days is far less onerous on employers and employees alike, especially as part of the isolation period is still likely to fall at the weekend. Hopefully by spring, we'll fast be approaching herd immunity and we can get back to some semblance of normality."