Inflation and savings/investments

ended 17. August 2021

On Wednesday morning @ 07:00, the Office for National Statistics is publishing the latest inflation (CPI) data. We're seeking views on:

  • What do people need to do to keep their returns real in the current climate, e.g. is going up the risk curve the only option?
  • Which asset classes are are most attractive in a low interest rate/high inflation environment, and why?
  • Did the Global Financial Crisis as good as kill off the savings industry, as rates have never recovered to historical norms, since?

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1 responses from the Newspage community

Short of keeping aside some money for a rainy day, traditional savings are pointless when in real terms having cash in the bank is losing you money if rates are lower than inflation. For mortgage holders they could perhaps be put to much better with an offset mortgage meaning that they're using them to save on mortgage interest whilst still enabling access to those funds if needed. It's no surprise that with no returns form banks and building societies and borrowing rates low too, bricks and mortar has been seen as a safe haven that can earn investors excellent income and house prices have rocketed!