HR Grapevine - urgent views needed

ended 09. August 2021

A journalist at HR Grapevine is looking for legal and HR experts to comment on new research showing that two-thirds of UK workers want their employers to support them on their commute to work. As such, looking for short comments in response to the following questions:

  • How can HRs/employers support staff on their commute (e.g. allow them to alter start and finish times)?
  • What are alternatives to supporting the commute (e.g allow them to have a hybrid model of work etc)?

Deadline for comments: 11:30am today

1 responses from the Newspage community

"We have been working closely with our clients since last February to help them understand how the pandemic has changed the employment contract and relationship, and more so over the past few months as they have started to look at the return to the physical workplace. "It's important to remember that not everyone wants to continue working from home. Many people are keen to return to the office, so to consider what this will look like for both employer and employees and how the latter are supported is only sensible. "Changes have included the more standard ways of flexing start and finish times in order to avoid busy periods of travel to allowing teams to communicate and agree work patterns monthly or weekly in advance. "In our experience, businesses are embracing new ways to work and are proactively collaborating with their employees to come up with ideas that suit both parties while ensuring business continuity."