How to save money on the weekly shop - Daily Express

ended 24. May 2021

A journalist at the Daily Express is looking for a personal finance expert to share tips on how to save money on the weekly grocery shop. If that's you, send them over! No need for war and peace - a paragraph or two will do.

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"The golden rule is never to go shopping when you are hungry. That rarely ends well, as far as your wallet is concerned. "For people who prefer to use something a little more advanced, there are countless budgeting apps out there to help you evaluate how much you are spending on food, and create nudges if you go over your budget. "It may seem obvious, but taking some time to think about what you are going to spend in advance is also very useful, and for those who are ultra-organised, detailed meal planning can really help save on wastage."
"Saving money on grocery shopping is a real challenge for most families. A couple of things to consider are firstly having a meal plan, as this can ensure you only buy what you need, and secondly switching to a store's own brand items of the product you wish to buy. This can instantly save you hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. "Switching from fresh veg to frozen veg can also reduce the bill, and finally avoid waste as the average household can save hundreds per year if everything purchased is eaten."
"Planning ahead can shave pounds off the weekly shopping bill by reducing waste and ensuring that fewer products pass the expiry date. "Meal plans help everyone in the household understand which meal is up next and, equally as important, which food in the fridge relates to that meal. "If there's a plan, you're less likely to reach for the nearest take-away menu, which can save a small fortune over the course of a year in itself. "Meal planning also allows you to engage in a conversation about what everyone in the household enjoys and probably encourages everyone to eat as healthily as possible."