How to cope with loneliness

ended 07. April 2021

This morning (7th April) @ 09:30, the Office for National Statistics is publishing a comprehensive study of loneliness by local authority in the UK.

The report will analyse the different factors that cause loneliness, from the individual characteristics of a person and their private and work lives to the area in which they live.

It's likely to get a fair amount of media pick-up and we're looking for views from mental health and wellbeing experts that we will send to the media ahead of the report's publication.

Feel free to send a few quick thoughts across, but questions to answer might be:

  • Has loneliness increased since the pandemic began?
  • To what extent is loneliness nature, and to what extent nurture?
  • What are the main causes of loneliness (beyond lockdowns)?
  • Does social media usage increase or reduce loneliness?
  • How can people extract themselves from loneliness?

Please be short and punchy with your alert_responses. As ever, no need for an essay!

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