Housing supply in England - ONS

ended 25. November 2021

Morning landlubbers, this morning at 09:30, the Office for National Statistics is publishing housing supply data in England (yawn). All we want to know is, are enough new homes being built? And will enough new homes ever be built? Feel free to rant away. Keep it to a paragraph max or, using the absolute authority I have in my hands, I'll delete your response!

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"Not enough houses are being built, full stop. The lack of new homes under construction is a failure of countless Governments. Even when new properties are being built, we are not building enough affordable homes, which creates liquidity all the way up through the property market. Without all-important first-time buyers being able to buy new, affordable homes, the whole market is straitjacketed. It all starts from the bottom."
"The lack of housing supply has been an issue for decades, and while the Government has offered help to both developers and buyers, its attempt to fix the issue borders on the pathetic. The simple economic principle of supply and demand should not be beyond the academic intelligence of our country's leaders, and until they put measures and greater incentives in place for developers, the deficit of new homes will only increase."
"Property is unlikely to ever lack demand and the size of the population is unlikely to ever shrink to a point where there is a surplus of supply, so this makes building enough homes a near impossible task. It seems everywhere I look there are new homes being built so there is certainly a conscious effort being made but when you look at the raw statistics, much more needs to be done."
"To state the blindingly obvious, the main reason for the lack of housing stock is that we don't build enough new homes. But equally, do we even build the right type of new home? We are a small island nation, after all, but we do all seem to want an actual house, whereas we could probably move to solve the shortfall in housing stock building more apartments. Unfortunately the pandemic and lock-downs have moved us further than ever away from that solution, with an even greater desire than ever to live outside of a City and have our own gardens and outside space."