Hot, hot and hotter - hacks for keeping cool

ended 13. July 2022

It's hot out there right now. Very hot. With this in mind, we asked small business owners around the UK, from mortgage brokers and wealth managers to skincare specialists and translators, for their hacks to stay cool. They ranged from licking your wrists (not on a Zoom call) and frozen hot water bottles to, well, doggy mats.

27 responses from the Newspage community

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For all those still required to be on Zoom meetings at home, your top half may have to be all business, but you can still sit in your pants with your feet in ice buckets. Also, it sounds strange, but monkeys lick their wrists to keep cool and it works for humans, too. Just don't do this whilst on a Zoom meeting.
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Finding it too hot to lay in bed at night? Struggling to sleep because you're hot and sweaty? Just buy a Doggy cool mat, which you can find in B&M or pound shops for a fiver upwards. Place it under your bed sheet and enjoy a lovely cool night's sleep. Oh, and clearly give the dog one, too.
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Frozen water bottles are a winner. Rather than lying awake all hot and sweaty, one of the best ways to cool down in bed is with a cold water bottle on the back or side of your neck. Just stick the bottle in your freezer an hour before bedtime. Works a treat.
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On a hot day like today, all dress codes and policies go out the window in my office. It's come to work in whatever you feel like day, to keep cool. So if it's flip flops, Speedos, t-shirts and a straw hat then that's ok.
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Put chamomile green tea bags in the fridge and use them to soothe any redness from the sun. Squeeze aloe vera gel with a drop of vitamin E oil into ice cube trays, placing toothpicks in the centre of each cube and apply on to your face when frozen to help heal your skin.
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Frozen hot water bottles. They're the perfect antidote to heatwaves but are hidden in plain sight!
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To stay cool I have converted a commode into an ice-cube holder. I think it could catch on. Dragons' Den here I come.
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Did you know eating thermogenic foods, such as lean meats (ideally game!), chilli, ginger and other spices can help combat the heat as they increase our body temperature, which in turn promotes sweating to cool us down. The perfect excuse to barbecue more delicious kebabs and make the most of summer food whilst the sun shines! If your fluffy four legged friends are struggling, freeze some home-made stock (purchased versions are too salty) in ice cube or Yorkshire pudding trays and offer them as a tasty ice lolly treat to help keep them refreshed and hydrated.
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Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge for a quick refreshing spray on your face. Adding a slice of cucumber makes it extra refreshing due to its excellent cooling and inflammatory properties.
If you have an attic door without a ladder, open it and the heat rises. Test and the temperature quickly dropped 2 degrees.
I'm doing my best Runaway Bride impression swaying side to side in front of an oscillating fan. Working in our warehouse in this heat is not for the faint-hearted, particularly when a lot of our stock is chocolate. But we are keeping cool with ice creams from our freezer, iced coffees, lots of water and lots of fans. Cost-effective tips for cooling a warehouse during an energy crisis are most welcome!
From a work perspective, I'd encourage all my employees to utilise the office this week. Whilst we offer fully flexible hybrid working to help everyone get that vital work life balance, there is one thing that sets us apart from the home offices this week... air conditioning!
We live in a country that appears to be disastrously ill-prepared for anything other than moderate temperatures and, although many people will benefit from working in air-conditioned buildings, most of us will have to resort to consuming pints of cold stuff or ice cream, of course.
It was so hot in last night’s wedding barn where I was performing, even the unlit candles were melting.
One of the best things about working from home, is the fact that it requires little clothing. Keeping hydrated and cool is something that we can all regulate better from the comfort of our own environment. On cooler days, I have the privilege of working in my garden, and when its el scorchio, I keep the curtains closed, especially as clothing is scarce! As a seamstress though, I take the necessary precautions, to keep potential injury to a minimum. Employers should definitely allow the option of homeworking, especially as the temperatures soar in summer months.
Put your feet into a bucket of cold water with ice and if you have a long commute and need to drive but you haven't got air con in your car make sure you dip some towels in cold water and put them over your head, that'll keep you cool! Tried and tested this in Europe recently it works wonders.
Soldering jewellery is 30 degree heat in our workshop has been overcome by us strapping sports injury ice pack to our backs. Tea and biscuits have also been scrapped this week in favour of regular trips to the corner shop to buy an unreasonable amount of ice cream and lollies. We have made it our mission this week to try every flavour of ice lolly in the shop!
Sit on your backside and do nothing! No, but seriously. Cold flannel on the back of your neck, a fan on oscillate, DRINK LOADS OF WATER!!!! and be kind to yourself, the heat makes you slower and less responsive, don't berate yourself for not getting as much done as usual. Stay safe, folks.
Best way to deal with the hot weather: have a brother with a pool. All the fun, none of the hassle!
Seeing as I don't own a swimming pool or have a beautiful beach right on my door step, I have turned to dipping my feet in my drinks cooler (a large bucket with ice and water). The perfect addition is a nice cold gin in hand, but I guess the air-con will do while I'm at work.
My top recommendation is to lather on the sun cream and leave your stuffy, hot and bothered home and go to a local independent cafe (they are always the coolest places) for an ice cream - if you are working in an office, make sure you have got a supply of ice lollies from your local shops to keep everyone chilled. And of course keep hydrated.
If you’re struggling with body odour during this heat, forget baby wipes made of plastic. Grab a pack of Antibacterial and biodegradable FreshWipes Body Wipes, pop them in the Fridge for an hour or two and have a gorgeous, fresh, cooling wash down, wherever you may be. Remove the bacteria that cause body odour and feel confident in your freshness, even on the go.
Stay off the booze! Don't follow in the footsteps of the lady at Wimbledon who had to be ejected from Centre Court after one too many. In the heat, every alcoholic drink has the effect of several, so while it seems refreshing it's only going to leave you dehydrated and with a monster hangover. If you need another excuse, the heatwave is the perfect time to try our non-alcoholic Mojito. Minty, zesty, completely refreshing and totally alcohol-free. Tastes like an alcoholic drink, but without the hangover.
If you want to cool down without leaving the house, pop your feet in a washing up in a container full of cold water and relax with a cold flannel over your face. To keep your bedrooms cooler, leave the curtains closed during the hottest hours of the day. Use your duvet cover without the duvet to avoid overheating during the night.
Frozen grapes. That's it.
Try the yoga breath, Sitali. If you can roll your tongue, do this and breathe through your mouth. If not, make and 'oooh' with your lips and place your tongue on your bottom lip. Breathing over your tongue creates a cooling sensation throughout the body.
Working as a goldsmith means working with a naked flame, which isn't fun when the weather outside is so hot. Safety protection is paramount and adds layers like a thick apron, jeans and closed shoes. To try and keep cool whilst I'm working I'll put a frozen hot water bottle on my lap. Fans are also a must! I try to work early in the morning or late at night when the weather is slightly cooler.