Home environment and mental health

ended 12. May 2021

A journalist who writes for Styleable and a few other media outlets is on the lookout for expert comment on how your home environment can impact your mental health and wellbeing. Deadline is tight so just a few lines will do!


1 responses from the Newspage community

"A decluttered home can affect people's mental wellbeing in many ways. For example, it reduces stress and levels of cortisol in your body. "In fact, research suggests that those who live in a decluttered environment have more energy, are more active, less fatigued and can see their productivity increase by up to 10%. "A decluttered home environment enables you to relax more, both physically and mentally. "Improvement in your sleep pattern is another benefit, while it also aides decision-making as a cluttered mind can't function properly. It can also make us more receptive to change and get our creativity juices flowing. "Ultimately, your home environment has a tremendous impact on your relationship with your partner, children, your home and most of all you. Clear Home, Clear Head, Clear Heart.