Health & Wellbeing - tips on going meat free

ended 11. November 2021

A journalist at Health & Wellbeing magazine is  looking for a nutritionist who could give some tips for people wanting to go meat-free. Any thoughts, send them across. Just a few lines will do!

2 responses from the Newspage community

As a nutritionist I cringe when people automatically associate going meat free with eating healthy. Don't get me wrong, it is very possible to eat very healthily without eating meat. My concern is when the endeavour to be meat free results in consumption of ultra-processed "foods" - some perhaps mimicking meat, others supplementing protein - all in all generally a long way from whole/natural foods. My strong recommendation to anyone considering what foods are best for them, is to eat as whole or as natural as possible - your body (as well as the environment) will thank you for it.
My advice is to go focus on increasing your intake of vegetables and wholegrains and at the same time ensuring each meal contains good protein choices like eggs, cheese, tofu or fish. Avoiding meat becomes far easier if you're planning your meals carefully with nutritious and filling choices that make you feel good.