Got a message for Boris Johnson?

ended 04. October 2021

The Conservative Party Conference 2021 kicks off today and will dominate much of the news agenda this week. We want to know what you would say to Boris Johnson if you managed to catch a moment with him. We'll be issuing your comments to the local and national media tomorrow morning. Any expletives will be lightly edited as our friends in the media are delicate souls. Keep your message to BoJo to a paragraph max. 

4 responses from the Newspage community

If I was ever fortunate enough to catch a moment with Boris I’d probably say, ‘Boris you tousle-haired cockwomble, please call for a general election and give the great British people the opportunity to oust you and your sycophantic, incompetent, lying, deleterious cabal of a cabinet you inept Etonian mess’
Oh BoJo, what an Eton mess you are in. You threw us under the Brexit bus and now the EU hates us and America doesn’t want to do a trade deal with us. We have no paperwork for low skilled workers to enter the UK to fulfil the jobs we are too highly strung to do ourselves. As for Covid, even with echolocation you couldn’t have seen that coming. We have supply chain issues and inflation waiting in the aisles, but I’d rather have your silly mop leading us forward because the alternative is frankly terrifying. So put your seatbelt on; we’re in for a bumpy ride (if you can get hold of any fuel that is).
I wrote a book (Locked Down but Not Out) documenting every single day of the first lockdown and every word Boris said, denied and reneged on. The book was published to raise money for the bereaved families of NHS Workers who died through Covid and who seem to have been forgotten. When Boris came out of hospital after contracting Covid he said that he couldn't do enough to thank the NHS - and then went on to do nothing to support them. "I have a million questions I would like to ask him but the first would be, why the government only initially offered 1% pay rise for these workers who saved his life and lost many colleagues who fought to save the lives of others. Even 3% is an insult for what they have done for our country"
Hi boris what happens to the furnishings that are removed from number ten when a new primister redecorates ?