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ended 05. December 2021

A journalist at The I newspaper is writing a piece on how to get the best offer on your home in 2022. He is looking for tips on how to get maximum value for your property without spending a fortune, e.g how to present it for the pictures, does baking bread really help, small finishing touches, etc. He is also keen for any tips on choosing an estate agent and deciding a sales strategy. 

Keep your responses short and sweet. No need for an essay. Just 2-3 tips will do!

4 responses from the Newspage community

First impressions are important, so a freshly painted front door can really smarten up a home. Choosing an estate agent: There are many terrible estate agents, who put minimal effort into actually selling the home's key benefits when showing it to potential buyers. So look for genuine enthusiasm and interest when the estate agent values your property.
When we sold our house four years ago, I remember looking up lots of hint and tips, the ones that seemed most effective (other than the usual; declutter, tidy up and clean) were: Turn on all the lights; every single one. Room lights, lamps, under cupboard lighting, everything. Even in the daytime. It banishes all the shadows and dark spots and gives every room the maximum feeling of space and warmth. Open all the internal doors, to air the rooms a bit and maximise the feel of space. It also makes it more welcoming and easier to guide your viewers around. Close all cupboard doors, wardrobe doors and put the toilet lid down. No one wants to see that stuff. Walk behind your viewers not in front; that way they are getting the best view and you are not taking up space in the room; again that gives the biggest impression of space. There are hundreds more I'm sure, but those are the ones that really stuck in my head and, I think, helped us sell the house very quickly.
When it comes to getting the best offer on your home, there's a lot of nonsense out there. However, there are some essentials that anyone wanting to sell should stick to, in this order of importance. 1. Clean, clean & then clean again; make sure everything is gleaming, smells fresh & looks spotless. This includes washing windows and doors, scrubbing tiles to within an inch of their life & doing the shake and vac to such an extent you feel like you're in a 2000's pop video. 2. Declutter everything everywhere; put everything away and throw out stuff you don't use. All surfaces should be as clear as possible, and all rooms should be as tidy as possible. If that means filling suitcases with stuff and shoving them in the attic, so be it; get it out of sight. 3. First impressions matter - weed the front garden, cut the grass, trim the hedges, paint the fence; this matter more than people often realise. If you do the basics well, you're 90% of the way there; after that, remember when it comes to selling your home, you've got to detach yourself from it. It's an asset & you want to maximise its value. So don't get emotional, remain calm and don't get involved in the viewing unless you get asked questions. Know this when it comes to a sale strategy; the best offers come within 4 - 6 weeks of being on the market. Never sacrifice the best for the good in terms of an offer, and don't be greedy; it never ends well. Nationally, up to 40% of house sales fall through mainly due to one party not being appropriately prepared for the transaction. Get the finance in order before you even think about moving, and when accepting an offer, the buyer's position is also essential. Are they a first-time buyer, if they're in a chain, how big is it etc. Finally, please remember you aren't the Wolf of Wall Street when it comes to negotiation. You likely don't have much experience buying or selling a home (even though you probably think you do because you've bought a house before *rolls eyes*), so please, let the people that do know what they're doing get on and do it.
1. De-clutter 'life stuff' as much as possible. Buyers need to visualise themselves in your house and they can do this better with out your personal items. 2. Make sure it is clean and smells fresh. Whist it's not necessary to get up at 5am to bake fresh bread to entice a potential buyer, the smell of onions from last nights chicken curry might put them off. 3. Ensure you have high quality, bright and clear, wide lens pictures on the online property listing. A wide lens gives the impression of space. 4. Select an estate agent who can sell your house quickly, and for the best price. A local agent who has potential buyers ready and sells similar properties to your own. Make sure they have the ability to advertise your property in different places; online, in shop, in press, etc. Ask about who will be responsible for viewings and how much their fees are. Shortlist 2 or 3 before deciding.