Financial Times article on consumer spending

ended 18. August 2021

A journalist at the Financial Times is writing a piece on how much consumers have been spending in July and August. She wants to know whether the recovery of consumer spending seen in the second quarter as we emerged from lockdown continued into Q3 (July-Sept). She's after comment from consumer-facing businesses, or anyone with insights on this front. How has business been in July and August to date? Are consumers still spending? Keep your alert_responses to no more than 2 sentences!

3 responses from the Newspage community

"We saw a record month for gifting in July and a solid start to August. On average, consumers are spending more than a year ago as confidence in job security returns and worries about further lockdowns fade."
"BEAR saw a positive increase in consumer confidence towards the end of July and so far in August. Despite the negative impact of the 'pingdemic', customer demand has been strong. The difficulty for most small businesses has been the ability to balance strong demand with limited staff due to isolation, a stressed labour market alongside supply-chain issues. Nonetheless, small businesses fight on, as always, and play their significant role in the UK's economic recovery. Boris, you are welcome."
"August has been quieter than a toddler who’s found the permanent marker pens and is happily graffitiing the walls. The summer months are always on the slow side but compared to 2021, sales have steadily decreased from July to August, and there’s tumbleweed in my online store. I'm keeping everything crossed for a September baby boom and some autumn arrivals to get things moving again."