Fear of Freedom Day - July 19th

ended 11. July 2021

With Freedom Day only a week or so away, a lot of people are experiencing anxiety about what will happen when things finally open up and return to a relative normal. We want your views on Covid-19 Anxiety Syndrome, which we will be sending to the media tomorrow AM sharp. Please answer the following simple question:

  1. How can people experiencing anxiety ahead of (and after) July 19th and Freedom Day seek to control it?

No need for an essay - keep it short and punchy! Soundbites, not War and Peace….

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2 responses from the Newspage community

"If you're anxious about the easing of restrictions next week, you're certainly not alone. It's important to take things at your own pace and don't feel that you have to rush into anything. If you still want to wear a mask then continue to do so and take whatever steps you feel you need to protect yourself and to feel safe. We have been cooped up for so long and it can be difficult adjusting to change. Plan your day carefully, with small steps. Think through what some of the triggers to your anxiety may be and how you might deal with them. Reach out and talk to someone if you need to go through things."
"To reduce any anxiety around Freedom Day, learn to control your breathing. Breathing links to your nervous system so it's like a magic wand of calm. "Put your hand on your stomach, breathe in slowly but deeply feeling your hand rise as you do. Then breathe out slowly and deeply seeing and feeling your hand move. Repeat 6 times and see how much calmer and less anxious you feel."