Journalist: Monica Greep, MailOnline

ended 06. May 2022

I am looking for a fashion/style expert to speak about the rise in trendy wedding dresses. I'm looking for a comment on the increase in dresses that are shorter, sleeker and more fashionable and why it's become less fashionable to stick your bridesmaid in a frilly gown they will never want to wear again because it makes the bride look better. Essentially a comment on what type of dresses are now fashionable, and why having more stylish bridesmaids makes your entire wedding more fashionable 

2 responses from the Newspage community

"Currently, simple and elegant wedding dresses in a variety of silhouettes are very much in. They ooze both style and opulence with the ability to be styled in a way that suits the bride whether it's for a city chic wedding day or a a bohemian relaxed wedding in a wood. The possibilities are endless with chic and elegant fabrics. Every bride should be expressing themselves at their most fabulous, and this is easily achieved with the current bridal trends."
"I think the modern day bride is perhaps a touch more empathetic than in the past, forcing people to spend money on a dress they don't like and in a shade/ shape that doesn't suit them. It's not what friends should be doing to their friends on their wedding day. And it doesn't look good overall. We have all seen some hysterical wedding photos from the past and I think now we have more understanding that we want to look back with love and fond memories not the meltdown one bridesmaid had because they hated what they wore and a bride forced them to wear it anyway. Simpler, sleeker dresses or even coord bridal outfits allow room for re-wear and styling up or down- so you get more mileage out of it and even re-live your big day; and the same then applies to your bridesmaids. If they can wear their outfit again, all the better for everyone. You could even wear them for wedding reunion parties. Also, when everyone feels like they look good the photos you get are better. Style is so personal that it is rare for an entire group of people to wear the exact same outfit and all look amazing in it, with the exception perhaps of well fitting suits."