Facebook profits soaring despite whistleblower

ended 26. October 2021

A journalist at the Mail Online is writing a story about Facebook and how profits are soaring despite all the whistleblower allegations. It seems like advertisers don't care about the claims, which also means that Facebook is unlikely to make any changes as long as the money keeps coming in. She's looking for snap reaction. 3-4 sentences MAX please!

2 responses from the Newspage community

It's difficult to stop spending to reach customers on a platform that they still use, therefore offering brands the opportunity to reach customers and raise awareness. The money will stop flowing when the customers are not engaged with the platform. Is simply stopping the solution? Or is there a more collaborative approach between brands willing to keep spending and the platform itself.
"This demonstrates our collective reliance on social media in all its forms. People are still using Facebook, so there's still a market for advertisers. And if advertisers are paying, Facebook is therefore happy to oblige."