Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp, Messenger down!

ended 04. October 2021

The end of the world is nigh. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are all down. We asked Newspagers for their thoughts... 

27 responses from the Newspage community

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"You can take our fuel but you can’t take our social media. Do we have to actually converse with real people? What has the world come to?"
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"I run a micro publishing business and I rely on Social Media to get my books out. When Social Media fails I'm left feeling frustrated and wondering what I'm missing out on. When a massive company like Facebook can't keep the lights on, what chance the rest of us?"
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"Petrol crisis, problematic, empty supermarket shelves, worrying, social media down…terrifying! Personally I’m rather enjoying the peace and quiet!"
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"Now that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are down we can all get back to our social life, that is, if we have one outside of social media. These are the moments when we realise how all-encompassing social media has become. Human interaction is way overrated, after all."
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"Thank the lord that LinkedIn is working, eh? What would we do? I don't do any other social media during working hours, so I didn't even notice the outages. We are far too reliant on social media, it is like a drug."
"Normally I would appreciate a forced break from social media. As an e-commerce business, my whole working life is dominated by all social media platforms. I was just in the process of putting a new product up and advertising it this evening. I guess it can wait until tomorrow. Now I am going to put my phone down and enjoy some real life interactions with real people. Imagine that."
"Oh my god. We have overloaded the system with constant posts asking if anyone knows a garage that has diesel. On a serious note, lots of small businesses rely on social media for business advertising and marketing and sales. It's yet another kick in the Crown Jewels for small, local businesses who rely on social media."
2021, the year of the ‘Shortages’.
"Does this mean I might actually have to use the telephone feature on my mobile instead of sending loads of DMs? Shouldn’t being social actually involve talking to people instead of trawling endless pictures of cats or finding out what the neighbour is having for their dinner…oh wait…we still have TikTok and LInkedIn 🤷‍♂️"
"Real face-to-face conversations, what a weird concept. And that's just with my kids who seem to have defaulted to communicating via WhatsApp. On a serious note, running an e-commerce business there's a reliance on social media platforms with posts scheduled well in advance and potential work to do to re-jig posts for the remainder of the week."
2020 the year of lockdown 2021 the year of shortages and breakdown. 2022 ???
"Is it about time to admit that hybrid-working is the answer, while Facebook employees work from home to fix the social media outage?"
It's not until a social media platform goes down do we realise how much of our lives now are online. I'm President of the Rotary Club of Leicester and social media has been a great tool for keeping touch with our members and letting the general public know the good work we are doing."
"With the outage of all the forms of popular communication, I’ve been forced to empty my bin, which led to a human interaction with another person, I think that’s what they’re called, in my building. It was a strange and surreal encounter where we discussed the inability to communicate with people we don’t know. I particularly am missing the ability to argue with strangers about problems that don’t really exist. Anyway back to this ‘human’ encounter. I asked what she’d had for lunch and she said a salad, I did probe if she had any pictures of said victuals to confirm the luncheon treat so I could make a witty comment or show her my smiley face. Afterwards we awkwardly gave each other a thumbs up as if to provide affirmation about our shared experience and went about our business. I’m wondering if next time there’s an outage I should take an old picture of me in speedos round and pop it under her door…after all that’s how dating is done now right?"
On Monday, the world came to standstill when the dopamine inducing like button froze, engagement was no existent and influencers millions of followers morphed into a cannot load screen. Can someone go and tell those dudes in Silicon Valley all’s they need to turn it off and on again, and they will have all their psychologically hooking tech back online!
"In the words of REM, "it's the end of the world as we know it". I restarted my Wifi five times before I realised it was a Facebook issue. Is it time for me to admit I have an issue with social media? At least I can say it is work related!"
"I just spent a really enjoyable couple of hours with my kids! And actually didn’t notice until I tried to post something when they went to bed! Maybe I’m not as addicted as I thought after all!"
"The pings haven’t been this quiet since everyone deleted the NHS Trace and Track app. The silence is deafening, and I’m going tell everyone about it. Time to release the carrier pigeons."
Here I am trying to be all modern giving my clients updates on their mortgage applications via WhatsApp and now I've had to resort to email like all the mortgage brokers stuck in the stone age. Never mind.
"I actually really love it when it all goes down. It forces me to switch off when I normally wouldn't! Orders don't stop, the world doesn't end and luckily my food ordering apps are all working great. Pizza night it is instead."
"TikTok rubs its hands with glee. Seriously though, I'd love to see the spike in users when this happens. Also, it rams home the message that you shouldn't put all your business's eggs in Facebook's basket - build your email list, at least that's data that you own."
This will show just how much a business owner has thought 'outside the box' when it comes to their business. Are people aware of their business enough in the real world for it to survive on word of mouth alone? The internet isn't disaster proof."
Jane Green
Chair at SEDS
"We at SussexEDS are here to actively support ill/disabled members, build a community and advocate for them in different arenas. Due to funding we mainly use social media. Sadly, we can't do this right now and we just had an urgent message seeking support!"
"This crash really highlights how tightly integrated we are with Facebook, without even knowing it. It's amazing that in this day and age, we are so reliant on one company, that when there is a problem, it can cause so many other services to crash, too. Perhaps we need to stop putting all of our eggs in one basket."
"It actually feels quite nostalgic with Facebook et al all being offline. My children (12 and 9) don't believe me when I say that I was 22 in March 2000 before I got a mobile phone. Well, kids - for the next few hours, welcome to the year 1999. While we have a fractious game of Monopoly, any chance someone could take TikTok down for a little while too?"
"Good, I'm glad they're down and long may it last. I doubt it will be as peaceful as this for long so I may as well enjoy being able to open a message without wondering if this is the one that plays a screaming orgasm to my fellow commuters. I don't think the world will stop if we fail to relay what we are having for tea. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll fax through a picture of mine if you think it will make your evening go quicker."
"So Facebook and WhatsApp are down. Hurrah! Maybe these should be scheduled in more often?"