Exit interviews - what to (not) do and say - Insider

ended 06. December 2021

A journalist at Business Insider is writing a piece for tomorrow morning about exit interviews. The piece is being framed from the employee's perspective, e.g.

  • What should/shouldn't an employee say?
  • How honest should they be about a company/manager?
  • Basically, how should they prepare and then handle themselves during the interview? 

Just a few quick thoughts will do. Soundbites, not War and Peace!

3 responses from the Newspage community

Exit interviews are a fantastic opportunity for you to give developmental feedback to them. But there's no point talking about things that already happened, there's nothing they can do to change them, and you're leaving, so they likely won't care. What they will care about is what they could possibly change in the future to ensure whatever made you leave doesn't affect anyone else - so keep it constructive and factual. Leave your emotions at the door. It might be tempting to go out in flames, but just be careful you don't burn any bridges on your way out.
If you truly want to help the business improve its employee experience, it's fine to let them know where they have let you down, it's ok to be to be honest, but be constructive. Give them some examples of there they can improve for the future.
Exit interviews are a time that employees can actually be honest - but don't leave it until then to let the Company know if there is a serious issue - it could have been dealt with. An employee must only state facts and keep the feedback constructive - don't make it personal.