English Housing Survey - 2021

ended 09. December 2021

At 09:30, the “Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities” (what a mouthful) is publishing its annual English Housing Survey report. If you'd like to comment on it, have a scan at 09:30 and send over a few thoughts. It will be published >> here <<. Need your views by 10:15 latest.



3 responses from the Newspage community

One thing is clear; under this disastrous Conservative government for the last 11 years homeownership has fallen, social housing has fallen, and the private rented sector has risen. What does that mean? Those people are being screwed over. Fewer people now are buying with a mortgage, there are thousands more in the private rented sector unable to buy homes, and yet, those with assets they already own are protected day in day out by this corrupt Tory bunch of bastards. The only thing this report shows is how broken the housing market is how dysfunctional our economy and how power is weighted in favour of the elite rather than the many.
"Three key points stood out for me. The average first time buyer deposit to buy a property is now a hefty £44, 294, which illustrates the difficulty that this cohort has in getting on the housing ladder. The report also reveals there are now 8.3 million owner-occupier households with no mortgage, nearly two-thirds of which were in the over 65 age group. This helps to explain the growth in Equity Release. Finally, nearly one in six 45-54 year olds now live in private rented accommodation, up from just 1 in 9 a decade ago. This is presumably due to high property prices and insecure employment."
Whilst we are still digesting the detail, and there appears to have been a lack of survey engagement in some demographics, on the whole the data appears positive, and generally reflects what most of us already know about the impact of the pandemic. We can take a number of positive messages from the report; the number of renters Vs homeowners in the UK stayed broadly the same as the previous year. People moved to homes which included more outdoor space, reflecting shifting attitude to work / life balance. The standard of homes in the social sector improved! Energy efficient is up. 65% of the nation are property owners of which 35% have no mortgage reflecting the large numbers of ‘baby boomers’ reaching retirement age, paying off their mortgages and moving into outright ownership. According to the data, people who own a home are statistically happier than those that don't. However it isn't all good news, the figures evidence people still struggling to get onto the property market, particularly in London where, 27% of the population were renting, and only 51% own their own home. Loneliness increased, and well-being declined, sadly this is more prevalent in the social sector where some of the more vulnerable people are. So our message is perhaps talk to your neighbours this Christmas, particularly those who are older or live alone. You could make a difference.