England given one-match stadium ban

ended 18. October 2021

England have been ordered to play one match behind closed doors as a punishment for the unrest at Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final (basically fans getting violent in order to get into the stadium). Uefa also imposed a ban for a second game, which is suspended for two years. Got any snap reaction? Bit of background >> here <<. 

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Star Quote
"I was at five of England's six games at Wembley for Euro 2020 and getting into the final was very uncomfortable. Fans were running all over the place and nobody could tell us what was going on. Considering the magnitude of the event, the organisation on the day was astonishingly amateurish. Unfortunately, it is the well-behaved fans who missed out that day and will miss out again when the next match is played behind closed doors."
"I am actually very disappointed with this decision. These were people who had no tickets for the match but who stormed a disabled entrance. They sat in the seats and in front of actual paying fans. Hardly "fans", more like organised hooligans. You have to ask how did they actually manage to get through the stadium gates? Why didn't UEFA demand and pay for extra security & policing for the game? The organisers of the whole event are at fault. Why punish the true England fans who done nothing wrong."