Energy ratings and house prices

ended 29. August 2021

The Halifax has issued a press release to journalists this morning that will go live tomorrow - it's about energy ratings currently having a limited impact on house prices. For example:

  • 1.7% house price premium for an owner occupier property rated A or B compared to a D-rated home
  • Properties rated F or G attract a 3.5% discount compared to a similar D-rated property

What are your thoughts?


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Ross Boyd
CEO at
"As we've said before, greenwashing in the property market is rife. So-called 'green' mortgages may as well be called new build mortgages, because they only benefit A-rated homes. "Rather than saving the planet and helping improve overall energy efficiency - and therefore home value - they simply reward those who have purchased an already energy efficient property. "It makes sense, then, that energy ratings have little impact on house prices - and time will tell whether a new wave of mortgage prisoners arises because of EPC ratings "
"There is a shortage of properties at the moment and buyers are conscious of prices continuing to rise. Therefore, energy efficiency is a much lower priority for buyers than other factors such as location and size."