Electric car chargers in new homes to be made law

ended 22. November 2021

Tomorrow (Monday), the PM is expected to announce that new homes in England will be required to have electric vehicle charging points installed as standard by law from next year, in a major bid to try and move drivers away from petrol and diesel cars. Newspage sought the views of property, finance and mortgage experts.

4 responses from the Newspage community

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"Given that the future is without doubt electric cars, I am surprised this hasn't been implemented sooner by the Government. Fully electric vehicles accounted for 15.2% of new vehicle registrations last month in the UK, and that number is only going to grow. Electric vehicles are the future and putting them into new builds makes absolute sense. They should also bring in a minimum requirement for supermarkets, councils and other big car park operators."
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"Only a few years ago, if you had an electric vehicle charging port when selling a property, it was a bit of a gimmick to buyers and may even have put some off, as EVs were less mainstream. However, with the availability and standard of electric vehicles improving by the day, and ownership costs coming down, whether or not a property has an electric vehicle charging port is becoming a fairly commonly asked question by tech-savvy home buyers. With the Government's announcement that new petrol and diesel vehicles will end in 2030, it seems inevitable that newly built properties will be required to have this facility."
"Positively electrifying news, and given the amount of major renovations underway in Salcombe, we’ll have more charging points than pairs of red trousers and Sebago deck shoes before too long. With the current dearth of charging points in the South Hams, this is welcome legislation for both our tourism economy and Planet Earth."
"Change can often cause criticism but for me this is a step in the right direction and certainly a necessary course of action. There is a mountain to climb in order to reduce emissions and compulsory changes are the only way to achieve that, as voluntary ones would get ignored by many."