Daily Telegraph: family therapy expert wanted

ended 26. May 2021

A journalist at the Daily Telegraph is looking for views from psychotherapists or (clinical) psychologists on the role therapy can play in helping people rebuild ties with their families or even, in extreme cases, breaking them. In short, how can therapy help people in their relationships with their families?



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"Families can be a wonderful source of support and joy, but for some, they can be complicated and, in the worst cases, traumatic. "When we start a new job, we aren't expected to automatically befriend every last one of our colleagues, but when it comes to family, who are ultimately just another group of people we have been unwittingly thrown into, there is an expectation that we will not only love, but like them all. This can put a huge amount on pressure on a relationship. "Whilst family therapy can be a powerful tool for healing emotional rifts, it can take a lot to get a group of people to attend therapy as a collective. "But it's not all bad news: there is much that can be done even in one-to-one therapy sessions. Whether it is finding a way to make peace with familial relationships and starting to appreciate them as they currently are, rather than as you hoped they'd be, or in more extreme circumstances finding the healthiest ways to disengage from those who continually wound you, individual therapy can offer a variety of strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult families."