Build back better? Really...

ended 05. October 2021

Boris Johnson has released a series of ‘Build Back Better’ videos of him eating ‘butter’, ‘batter’ and ‘bitter’ over the past 12 hours:

What do you think of Boris basically trying to make out like we’ll all be fine as he poses patriotically with butter, beer, and fish and chips. Is he underestimating the ‘battering’ small businesses have taken?

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Why is it all a joke to Boris? It's not funny, it's not endearing. If anything it shows the abject contempt he holds the great British public in; thinking that we'll be amused by his idiotic attempts to be 'funny' when we've just had one of the worst death rates due to COVID, where he missed numbers of COBRA meetings because he just couldn't be bothered, failed to lockdown early enough leading to a far higher death rate than necessary, the worst economic hit alongside the utterly stupid worst of all worlds Brexit leading to food shortages, problems on the NI border at the same time as raising taxes that will disproportionally affect the lowest-paid coupled with hammering students with their repayment threshold as inflation takes hold, fuel prices rise and we have one of the worst productivity issues in the G7. Yet we still have a minorty of people saying, 'he's doing his best', I'm sorry but he's not a toddler at pre-school despite how he acts, he's meant to be PM. Build Back Better? More like Buffoon Breaks Britain.
"Mortifying and insulting. We don't need our PM to be "boomeranging" to show he is down with the kids. Small businesses deserve better...get it right Boris."
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"We seem to have travelled back to the 1970’s under Boris Johnson’s leadership. If ever there was proof that our PM is living in an alternate universe, this may be it. It’s incredibly patronising to small business and the public that he thinks this is the solution to all that is hitting businesses and the economy right now. It's worth mentioning the fact that our diets have moved on somewhat too!"
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"I can overlook the really poor effort at both humour and the 'I'm just one of you, we're in this together' attempt. But the Build Back Better message is so short-sighted when the foundations we are trying to build on are so unstable and the volatility around us is causing panic and frustration. You can't build back better if the cost of the materials to build is too high or not in supply. All while he sits there having a snack like he's on a superyacht and we are being blown around in a gale hanging onto the dinghy."
"I honestly thought that his account had been hacked! I just don't get it and who has signed this off? I guess trying to be humorous but with the problems we have going on in the UK at the moment I don't think it's the right place or right time. We need someone serious in charge who is taking these issues seriously. Small business owners need reassurance from the top, not a couple of 'trying to go viral' videos."
"Being loud and silly doesn't actually solve what are very real problems. The rest of the world is laughing at us. The reality is summed up by the fact that I had to pay £60 in customs fees this morning for an item from the EU that only cost me £120 in the first place. Whilst it might suit the interests of his chums, for normal people and businesses Brexit currently means more expense, more delays and more inconvenience."
"Nevermind 'Build, Back Better', businesses are feeling 'Battered, Bruised, and Bitter'. I'm disappointed that the challenges we continue to face as business owners are being minimised in this way. Let's all butter a slice of toast, raise a pint, eat fish and chips, and trust that the economy is going to magically bounce back allowing our businesses to recover, shall we? Just no. Please, no. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a PM that recognised just how battered our businesses are instead of gleefully enjoying a patriotic pint?"
For the love of god, make it stop.
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"If he likes alliteration, Boris can shove his butter up his backside. We small business owners have taken enough of a 'battering' this year without this nonsensical propaganda, trying to convince us we're all going to be fine. Bugger off Boris!"
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Boris is attempting to capture the nostalgia of days gone, highlighting the consumption of food & drink that he perceives to be dear to the British public. However, they are not necessarily a thing of the past, despite government campaigns to make Britain healthier. Health campaigns have focused on consuming more vegetables/fruit, reducing sugar, limiting alcohol and include more healthy fats and fibre. For all intents and purposes, suggesting that bringing back these foods is "good for you" completely contradicts any government initiatives to make Britain healthier. Whilst there are health benefits from eating butter ( which is natural, as opposed to processed spreads) and a fish and chips meal will provide a good source of protein with the fish itself, actively encouraging these specific foods, without highlighting the importance of including them as part of a healthy balanced diet, shows a complete lack of care and foresight. I also struggle to understand why the prime minister would actively endorse a pint when the struggles with alcohol are well known and widespread. As a Nutritionist, I am appalled at the lack of awareness of these videos.
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"The PM wants the country to "build back better" but that's very difficult for small businesses to do in the current climate of delayed deliveries, fuel shortages and rising raw materials costs. We all want the country to "build back better" but seeing rather childish videos from our PM is rather a "bitter" pill to swallow at the moment."
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"This is all very on-brand for Boris, but the reality is that 81% of small businesses don't feel they've had enough support from the government. Owners of independent bookshops I've spoken to want to know how they'll benefit from this 'better' future that's allegedly being built back. And so far, they're not convinced that they are going to be."
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"As if the absurd messaging throughout the whole of the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, Boris’ team thought that these videos were a good idea? In my opinion, he needs to sack his whole brand and PR team for making him look like even more of a buffoon than he usually does."
"Does Boris really believe that sharing 'funny' videos will support small businesses. This man is a one-trick monkey, and that trick doesn't include leading the country."
"What is it with politicians and posing with beer that makes them think they’re connecting with the ‘common man’? I can see how the tankard of beer might be trying to find common ground with men-up-north, but since when did beer get served in tankards anywhere in the U.K.?"
"If consuming butter, batter and bitter is supposed to suggest our business 'diet' is healthy and we need not worry, then Boris needs a better understanding of nutrition."