Daily Express - green pensions

ended 06. August 2021

A journalist at the Daily Express is writing an article on Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak urging pension managers to invest in greener, unlisted and potentially riskier investments. He's looking for alert_responses to the following Qs:

  • Do Boris or Rishi have any right to tell pension funds how to invest or is it inappropriate for them to comment?
  • What may happen if pension funds/managers follow these calls?
  • What could happen to private pension funds when the state steps in to make changes?

 What are some of the risks of investing in unlisted companies?

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1 responses from the Newspage community

Boris & Rishi should stay in their lanes - I thought the Tory mantra of free markets and no state intervention was paramount? Not to mention who picks up the tab - the taxpayer- if it goes wrong and who will be on the hook - the fund managers -once again politicians will walk away scott free even though their fingerprnts will be all over it.