CIPD Reward Management survey

ended 13. April 2022

A journalist at HR Magazine is looking for quick comment in response to the CIPD’s Reward management survey published today. They're particularly interested to read that those on the lowest incomes are the least likely to know what benefits are on offer and how to access them – so advice on how HR can better engage these employees would be great if possible. More findings here. Just a few lines will do!

2 responses from the Newspage community

Star Quote
"First of all, companies need to be clear on what 'benefits package' really means. People don't want fruit baskets and gym vouchers right now, think about bottom line tangible benefits that can offer financial rewards that can save on everyday mounting costs, for example, childcare vouchers and travel and food incentives. Think about improving retention and engagement of your teams by offering training vouchers. There are a plethora of grants and training schemes out there right now that will enable employees to upskill and improve their chances of increasing their salaries. "When it comes to communicating this information to your teams, especially lower paid workers, use multiple channels, keep it short and regular with signposting to portals for more information, encourage sharing of information and schemes between groups in things such as WhatsApp work groups or team meetings. People have less and less time to read long and lengthy emails or communications or wait for a quarterly newsletter to get access to information. Our top tip is to shift away from the old ways of sending an email to ‘all staff’ and instead provide short and fast signposting and tailored messaging and information to 'sub-groups' at different stages of their employee and ‘life’ cycle."
"I know this might be a shock but ask your teams what support they need. Don’t just assume you know. Benefits surveys are quick if you have a few staff or just have a good old conversation and let your teams know they can ask for advice if they need it. Debt is going to be on everyone’s minds and payday loans are not the answer - education is. Budget planners, debt support/counselling or financial advice could be a better way to spend your benefits budget rather than on a gym membership that isn’t even used. There are so many discount schemes and employee assistance programs that offer a lot but for a low amount."