Citywire: views wanted on FCA decision

ended 19. July 2021

A journalist @ Citywire is writing a piece today on the FCA dropping its review into financial advice on pension suitability. See here for background. He's seeking quick views from advisers on whether they think this is a good thing? Does it show the regulator being flexible and willing to focus on more important areas, or is it a missed opportunity to weed out poor practice?

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2 responses from the Newspage community

A decision like this will harm the publics confidence in dealing with advisors, and it is critical in weeding out those rogue advisors, who are damaging the reputation of other advisors and hte industry
"It's vital that the FCA undertakes reviews such as this to ensure that the public can have confidence in the people they are dealing with on all matters money-related. The sad reality is the regulator doesn't have the resources to do the job it's tasked with."