Building financial resilience - urgent newswire request

ended 13. October 2021

A journalist at the national newswire, PA Media, is after some quick comments this morning on building financial resilience in your 20s, off the back of news about 18-30 age group facing hardest challenges with cost of living rises and debt. Deadline is dead tight so just a few sentences will do!

3 responses from the Newspage community

"If people try to live by the advice that Warren Buffet gave they won’t go far wrong. Don’t save after spending, spend after saving. The second best piece of advice is to use their vote sensibly and elect people who represent their interests."
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"Being young is difficult and it's about trying to strike the right balance between enjoying your youth and starting to secure your financial future. If I look back on my own youth, I got that balance wrong. I wasted too much money when I was younger and that cost me further down the line when it came to buying my first home. So the 'opportunity cost' of that youthful excess was too much for me personally."
"The earlier you start to put money away for your future self, the easier it is. Firstly, if you start young, you only need to put aside a little each month. Secondly, it becomes a habit that you continue for the rest of your life."