Bridging activity

ended 10. March 2022

A journalist at Mortgage Solutions is writing an article on a survey of brokers by Glenhawk showing a high confidence in UK bridging activity for 2022, with 84% of respondents saying that they expect to write more bridging business this year than in 2021. You can read one article about the survey's findings here. What are your thoughts on this, as Mortgage Solutions wants to drill a bit deeper into what brokers like you think? Just a paragraph or two will do.

2 responses from the Newspage community

I am already seeing enquiries for bridging finance up this year compared to previous years; this is down to an increase in appetite from investors to buy, do up and sell property; the changes around permitted development rights are giving developers the confidence to make use of bridging finance more than ever before.
Bridging loans always have a very mixed reaction when I bring them up with clients; despite them often being the exact product the client needs for their intended transaction. In a similar way to Equity Release it suffers from poor PR, often linked to very old historic issues that people experienced, so bridging finance is often approached with a degree of skepticism from most first time users. However, it is a very useful and powerful arrow in the advisers quiver and is the main reason that some projects even get off the ground.