Boris Johnson press conference at 3pm today

ended 15. November 2021

Number 10 has announced a press conference @ 3pm today, apparently an update about the pandemic as we enter into the winter. If you have any views on what's announced, send them over and we'll share them with all relevant national and local media.

7 responses from the Newspage community

Any announcement from Boris is a major worry. Especially hearing of the winding up 119 and test and trace all together
It's worrying to think that Plan B could mean another Lockdown, as it's not been ruled out. And we must wear face mask again to assist with minimising the pressure on the NHS. For small businesses who have fought hard to keep their business alive seeing MPs in Parliament and reporters at todays press conference its a real concern.. How do they expect general public to take it seriously when they are seen daily without masks.. The beauty industry is struggling due to the Pingdemic still and covid infections.. Another Lockdown over Xmas period will destroy this industry.
The UK economy really cannot stand another Christmas lockdown, so why, with infection level data and signs that things are getting worse, will Boris not do the simple stuff like mandating mask-wearing again. The UK will get caught behind the curve on this again due to the inability of Boris to take simple measures to reduce transmission of COVID and reduce the knock-on consequences of ever-increasing infection rates. Instead, we are lumbered with a completely dysfunctional, incompetent, bungling government, and as a result ordinary people always suffer. Every. Single. Time.
Poor croaky-voiced BoJo; he didn’t even have time for a Lemsip before whizzing off to make a statement. Relief is my overriding reaction to the press release, as there won’t be a repeat of the deflated Christmas that was served up last year. No such luck for the turkeys. However it pained me to hear that 98% of the pregnant women admitted to hospital with covid had not had a jab. The mere chance (albeit a slim one) of the vaccine causing a complication is enough to put off any parent-to-be. Every fibre of your being is to protect as you grow a human, so it must be a daunting decision to make; to jab or not to jab.
The last thing this country needs is another lockdown, however, it is essential that the government are clear about what restrictions are taking place. There is no room for being vague here, we need to understand the plan B roadmap, what level of restrictions will be in place. In addition, expectations of how we can move forward once more. Working in the hospitality and events industry, vague does not help us, it does not help our clients who are planning their events for 2021 and into 2022. Clear, concise guidance would be appreciated!
I'm very much in the minority with these views in the UK but I do hope that masks will be re-introduced as compulsory for indoors along with public transport. It's one the quickest ways to bring down cases.
Boris - whatever you decide to do, for God's sake make it clear!! There is so much confusion around, contradictions all over the place, nothing makes sense. Concentrate on the NHS, you know its broken & on its knees. Wake up & do the right thing!!!