Boris Johnson announcement on road out of lockdown

ended 05. April 2021

At 5pm today the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is making an announcement about new measures to ease the lockdown in England.

It's going to cover all manner of areas, from foreign travel and opening up ‘non-essential’ sectors of the economy to free twice-weekly COVID tests.

We want to know what you would like to say to the PM, which we will share with your local (and the national) media in advance of his speech.

As ever, keep your comments short and sweet and note that any expletives will be delicately edited!

NOTE: We will be posting another NewsAlert just after the PM's speech, where you can provide additional views on what has actually been announced, which we will again share with the media.

2 responses from the Newspage community

How specifically, the UK government is planning to revive British Arts in general and indie filmmaking industry in particular - both have been on live support for the past twelve months? Is government willing to consider support entertainment support scheme similar to 'Eat Out to Help Out' for theatres and cinemas?
Breathing Space
I hope that we truly learn. Truly learn the value of all of those in society. The public have witnessed over the last 12 months clearer divisions in those that have and those who don't. We have seen those who have found benefit and that lives truly have a cost. As we start to open up and continue to fight the pandemic we must also fight long standing inequality in our communities and also value those who provide us with our essential care, keep our homes filled with food and keep us safe day to day. Community's are changing and so are expectations, politics must follow and start to focus on balancing those inequality's and being honest. People are not numbers and should not be treated as so. We must focus on a better way of being and doing. Give hope, support mental wellbeing and a drive to make sure people feel encouraged to participate to be part of something. Raise the value of those who care for us when we are sick and keep us safe, our true heroes. Learn to listen more than we speak and see where action is worthy. Put everything into balancing the inequality that has been in the blind spot for too long.