BoJo to announce relaxation of Covid rules

ended 19. January 2022

In an effort to cling onto the increasingly slippy reins of power amid the ongoing #partygate saga, BoJo is today expected to announce a relaxation in Covid rules at PMQs. If he does, and you have any thoughts, please send them across and we'll share them with the media. We'll leave this alert open until 3pm today.

10 responses from the Newspage community

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"What I find very fascinating is that the British public haven't overthrown this Prime Minister and Government. They have done nothing but ridicule us with their "do as we say, not as we do" tactics."
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"It would be great for us as I have someone sitting at home with a runny nose. He wants to work and we need the jobs doing but Covid rules say no."
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"There's no doubt Johnson is utterly desperate to steer the news agenda away from #partygate. The announcement over the BBC's future funding earlier this week was a prime example. Even so, I think Boris is right to relax restrictions ASAP. Infections are falling rapidly, yet many businesses are on their knees. With the cost of living soaring, there's no time to lose now in getting the economy back on track."
"The PM is probably relaxing the rules so that he can have more wine and cheese parties. What an absolute joke this man is. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have suffered at the hands of this Government. When will it end?"
This screams desperation to cling on to power and more time to give the public more endured pain of his leadership, but I suppose those who voted for this buffoon enjoy pain over a long period of time, relaxing the rules may just turn the public attention away from partygate as right now it's damage control 101.
So Boris is putting the personal care industry (hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists and tattooists) at risk, in an attempt to win back political support from his own party members and disgruntled constituents. Our business has been massively hit with covid cancellations and no shows, for the month from December 18th to January 17th I made only £48 profit yes I got only £48 pay for a month due to restrictions when the infection rate was less than now. No government support for our industry still. But it's OK Boris you just concentrate on yourself.
This is excellent news (particularly for schools) and what a fantastic display of smoke and mirrors by Boris. This debacle should be renamed the Paul Daniels Magic Show with all the distractions being performed. The question is, will Sue Gray be to Boris as Debbie McGee was to Paul and deliver a stellar (although slightly less glamorous) supporting role? I suspect a guest appearance from Dominic Cummings will leave Boris’ latest Houdini impression in dire straits as he chokes on the pork pie plot.
"Call me a cynic, but announcing the cancellation of Plan B rules only a week before they expire anyway, feels a lot more to do with changing the news cycle and appeasing Tory backbenchers than anything to do with the economy, or public health."
So the so-called leader of our country (think of that for a moment - Bojo is a 'leader' Jesus Christ) is going to consciously remove restrictions and play with peoples lives and livelihoods to appease some right-wing nut jobs such as Lee Anderson (who incidentally is perhaps one of the least intelligent MPs to have ever sat in the HoC) on the back-benches to save his political skin rather than doing the honourable thing and resigning. Or put another way, Boris is happy killing unknown members of the public to save face from embarrassment. But, to borrow from Peter Mannion in The Thick Of It "Sometimes I buy a Big Issue out of social embarrassment, I don't knowingly ******* kill people."
"We have no plans to relax the Covid measures we have in place any time soon. People are still unsure: streets and shops have seen a huge reduction in footfall and sales since the first lot of restrictions eased. Relaxing more restrictions won't make shoppers feel any more confident about leaving the house. They want to feel safe and valued. We are all trying to live with the pandemic, but a knee-jerk relaxing of more restrictions isn't the answer to build consumer confidence."