BoJo presser at 17:00 today - snap reaction wanted

ended 15. December 2021

Our esteemed Prime Minister is holding a press conference at 17:00 this evening. He's not expected to announce any further Covid restrictions but who knows what curveball could come our way. If you're watching it and have any thoughts, whether philosophical or outright withering, please send them over and we'll share them with the media. Top tip: outright withering works best.

5 responses from the Newspage community

Where’s Malcolm Tucker when you need him? Boris and his bovine excrement are at it again. The paper from the London School or Tropical medicine and hygiene was very clear, omicron is the biggest risk we have faced since the pandemic started. The writing was on the wall for some time and once again this useless government are slow to react and now that all authority has been lost due to the Christmas parties, every day that Boris stays in post is another day on the way to an entirely avoidable public health disaster! The depths to whcih the Tory party will stoop to save their own skins is nothing short of criminal…or at least it would be if the Met Police would do their job!
A very pointless press conference if your not gonna do anything different, just a load of waffle.. Absolutely no plan in place. Christmas is looking very bleak yet again with mass uncertainty. Small businesses in the Beauty industry are struggling with cancellations because either the customer has tested positive or the company they work for has cancelled the office party (sorry business meeting with cheese & wine) that has an immediate effect on my business. At the rate the infections are rising, Boris won't need to force an further Lockdowns, because no business will be open because staff and customers will all be infected.
So yet again, they are crying out for volunteers to assist with the vaccination programme... Well my wife (who is an ex NHS community health care worker and trained in phlebotomy) applied to Cambridgeshire NHS twice to volunteer when they first asked for volunteers to help on the first load of jabs.... Guess what... No response.. Not even a "thank you, but we have enough people already, but we will keep you on a reserve list" they have lost a volunteer in Amy.
Boris seems to sense that the wolves are circling him on all sides - his lockdown partying scandals, his own party doubting the cost/benefit justifications of new measures and then there are all the sleaze accusations... And he has decided that the only way to escape is to keep digging downwards
Boris rallyed the troops to encourage the uptake of vaccines. Chris Whitty spoke a lot of sense regarding the severity of the Omnicron varient. Get vaccinated was the rallying call and they got it over.