Best (or worst) April Fools!

ended 31. March 2021

Tomorrow, as you're all doubtless aware, is April Fools' Day.

We want to know if any of you have ever been hoaxed in your working life in some way on April 1, in your capacity as small business or charity owners.

If you have, and it's a corker, we'll send your anecdote out to the local and national business media tomorrow. They may ignore it, but equally it could fly if it's a good 'un!

As ever, no need for an essay — short and sweet is perfect!

1 responses from the Newspage community

Air Cover PR Ltd
In 2009, I sent out a joke April Fools press release on behalf of a mortgage client. It was littered with bad puns and innuendo. It said they were going to launch some news products called: MARS (the Mortgage Asset Reduction Strategies); MERCURY (the Mortgage Extension Repair Centre for Unemployed Remortgaged Yuppies); VENUS (Very Expensive New Ultimate Strategy) etc. These products were designed by a new head of product development, AVRIL THIRST. The range was "universally applicable to troubled mortgage assets in the current economic environment" - "a solar system of products" that were "out of this world”. It was moderately funny and I thought I was very clever. I wasn't so laughing so hard when the mortgage industry's leading print publication came out a month later with a full page spread printing the news in full. I had to call my client and explain why he was having to take calls asking about URANUS.