Bella magazine seeking views from nutritionists and PTs

ended 11. November 2021

A journalist at Bella magazine is working on a feature on how wanting to lose weight often isn't a big enough motivator to achieve weight loss goals, and that other things like a desire to get healthier or fitter can be more sustainable and help to create weight loss as a side effect. She'd like tips from nutritionists and personal trainers about this. Keep your responses to 3-4 sentences max!

3 responses from the Newspage community

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"Changing behaviours and creating health goals not only promotes weight loss but provides a greater chance of keeping it off. Exercise is not an efficient weight loss tool - you have to run approx 11 miles to burn off a Mars bar! Better to focus on what eating better will bring you, visualise the new you and learn how to retrain your thinking to understand and manage cravings and triggers."
"Successful weight management is understanding your biology is working against you - your body wants to conserve, so adding rather than focusing on removing foods is key. Adding plant sources, such nuts, seeds, peas, beans and grains keeps you fuller for longer and reduce the sugar cravings."
Rather than focusing on what you need to eliminate if you're looking to lose weight, instead focus on what you can add in. More lean foods, more colourful vegetables, more activity during the day, more exercise and the weight is likely to fall off naturally as you leave less space for the diet and lifestyle habits that can sabotage this.