Beating Blue Monday

ended 17. January 2022

It's Blue Monday today. A journalist at NewsWeek is after tips to helps keep the sadness at bay. Just a few lines will do! Go go go!

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"To beat the blues this Blue Monday, be more 'yellow' Book in time to do activities that bring you joy. Why not go for a walk, play your favourite video game or read a book? Enjoy cooking or baking? Make a treat for yourself to have after work. Make a list of all the things and people you are grateful for as a bit of a boost and spend time just being with them. Lastly, remember that you are not alone! There are others out there who can listen, empathise and support you. It's good to talk."
What better day to beat the blues is by buying a Dendrobates Tinctorius Azureus (the blue poison dart frog).. Beautiful, Sassy, Calming characters and if brought from a uk breeder totally safe and not dangerous to humans. "Don't feel Blue, Buy Blue"
Turn Blue Monday into Blue Funday! Be mindful of what you consume, and get outside and embrace the full sensory experience of the icy wind hitting your cheeks and the natural light flooding into your eyes. Put the time in your diary to do something you find fun and could lose hours doing, and treat it like it's a meeting with your boss. And finally, remember, Blue Monday isn't actually a researched fact, it's a marketing tool. If you are feeling Blue, however, make sure you talk to somebody you trust and don't isolate yourself from all the wonderful colours out there.
"Never underestimate the power of a colourful, nutritious meal to nurture your body and lift your spirits. It's the ultimate form of self care!"
As an alternative practitioner (TRE - Tension Releasing Exercises, a somatic stress management tool) and Laughter Yoga Leader I can wholeheartedly recommend laughter as an instant mood booster and practising TRE to build resilience long term. It works for me and my clients - I have just delivered a Laughter Yoga session for Mirthy ( and I saw it on participants' faces and their feedback - the proof is in the pudding.
Adopting an attitude of gratitude can help beat the blues. Taking time each day to notice and reflect on what you're grateful for is known to increase happiness and put us in a positive mood. There are also many physical health benefits such as improved sleep and improved immunity. When you wake up in the morning think of three things you're grateful for to help you start the day in a positive way. Before you go to bed at night think of as many things that you're grateful for from your day and notice you're resiliency and mood improve .
MONDAY BLUES - CAN YOU ESCAPE THEM? YES YOU CAN. That horrid depressed feeling and lack of motivation (deep sigh) that used to accompany Mondays has finally gone, yippee! These are the solutions I considered: •Quit work – couldn’t afford to. •Change my routine – too much effort. •Follow the ‘101 tips to beating the blues’ that are recommended on any Google search – too much effort, and most don’t work anyway. •Try something different & new – why not? After all, nothing venture, nothing gain. I regained my life. I found an easy way of boosting my inner energy levels. All that anxiety, stress and negative thoughts that drain me are cleared out every night while I sleep in my comfy bed. I don't have to do anything different. How ? Anxiety, stress, negative thoughts create energy vibrations in the brain and body which lower your vitality. This drop in energy and vitality is reversed by receiving energy healing every night, leaving me feeling revived, mentally clearer and more positive. All I had to do was sign up online, as a member of the Protection Room, where I lived didn't matter. I now receive distant healing every night, by accredited Healers, to clear those negative emotions. Monday blues? Anyday blues are now becoming a thing of the past. You can read how it works here.
Brand Founder at Wheesht
At Wheesht we are firm believers is the benefits of self-care and spending time on taking care of you. As it is Blue Monday the saddest day of the year our top tips are: 1/ write down one or two things you are grateful for today. It could be the bright clear day we are having or it could hugs with the family. 2/ Take time out of the day for yourself. Enjoy a mini pamper session or reading your favorite book again.