BBC seeking Winchester property expert

ended 10. August 2021

The Halifax reckons Winchester is now the least affordable UK city with the average property there going for 14 times the average income in the city. 

(In Greater London, by comparison, properties are 11 times income, while the most affordably UK city is Londonderry, with a ratio of just 4.7. The average ratio is 8 times salary). 

We want views on why Winchester has just overtaken Oxford as the UK's least affordable City? Ideally, but not necessarily, you'll be based in or around Winchester.


3 responses from the Newspage community

"The beauty of Winchester is that you can be both Country Mouse and City Mouse at the same time. "Weekends can be spent taking in the views at the top of St. Catherine's Hill, nestled in the heart of a nature reserve. Then come Monday morning you can hop on the train to London and be at your desk in just over an hour. "Post-pandemic people are craving that kind of balance, indulging in the best of both worlds, and of course as popularity grows the price tag increases. With London size pay packets coming in, Winchester is a far more attractive option than a shoebox flat priced in excess of £750k. It's an excellent choice for those who want it all."
"Winchester is a hotspot for Londoners wanting good schools, affordable property and a doable commute. The city often appears in the top 10 cities to live in in the UK and draws in wealthier families for it's benefits. "The property prices have shot up due to this increased demand and locals find it difficult to buy now they are competing with London salaries."
"As a London based mortgage broker, I am not surprised that Winchester is less affordable than Greater London. We have seen a lot of clients looking to move or buy second homes out of London, which has increased the prices in desirable areas. "Winchester has a lot of positives. Being close to South Downs and the fact that it is only an hour on the train from London makes it attractive to people wanting to have a break from the city."