Are interest rates going to go up?

Journalist: Samantha Downes, Currently at the I (business editing some Sundays (freelance) and Mortgage Solutions

ended 05. May 2022

Writing a pre piece for tomorrow's BoE monthly rate announcement.

I'm also going to put an explainer about interest rates so the economists amongst you can give me some quotable info about inflation.

We could even mention SWAPS as well and why mortgages have been priced upwards anyway.

Thanks in advance and this for the I - print and digital

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Today's interest rate decision may well be influenced by the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate announcement last night. The Fed raised rates by 50 basis points. It wouldn’t surprise me if the vote today to raise interest rates is a 7-2 vote split rather than the 8-1 vote split we saw the last time the Bank of England raised rates. This will set the tone for a dovish outlook and they’ll be hints towards us seeing maybe one further interest rate increase during the rest of this year.