Alcohol sales and anxiety

ended 20. May 2022

This morning, the latest retail sales data was published and it showed strong sales of alcohol, food and sweets, most of which are being bought in supermarkets and consumed at home. ONS deputy director for surveys and economic indicators Heather Bovill said:

“April’s rise was driven by an increase in supermarket sales, led by alcohol and tobacco and sweet treats, with off-licences also reporting a boost, possibly due to people staying in more to save money."

Does this show that people are ‘comfort eating’ and drinking more to deal with heightened anxiety? Are you seeing signs of this? Any thoughts. Deadline is ASAP.

1 responses from the Newspage community

I think these figures are more of a reflection on how people are managing their outgoings with rising costs and the better than average weather we had in April. People will be cutting down on going out to Pub and restaurants to socialise, instead staying home for bbq and house/Street parties with friends. We certainly have changed our socialising to more private parties with close friends and neighbours at home..