A message to Boris Johnson one year on

ended 17. March 2021

As a small business or charity owner, what's the one thing you would say to Boris Johnson if you bumped into him as we approach the anniversary of the first national lockdown?

We're going to package up the best comments and send them to the media tomorrow (Thursday) morning. One or two sentences max, please. Profanities, and we expect a few of them, will be lightly edited!

We had nine Newspagers in just one article in CityAM this week so your views are really starting to resonate in the mainstream media.

12 responses from the Newspage community

Boris, you really have screwed over newly self employed beauty & massage Therapists like me this past year, I have had no help at all.. So on the 12th April shall I book you in for a haircut and massage? You owe me that at least.

Amy Baker

Halo Beauty and Holistic Therapy 

DJ Mark Green

Do you need a DJ for your wedding? I'm currently available any day up to the 21st June!

You need to be actually speaking to Small Businesses and find out what support they need not just what you think they need. Don't get me wrong any support is great but huge industries have been left out such as Events and also supporting business to industries like Events, Hospitality and Tourism - some of my clients have lost 80% of their turnover overnight and have had no help at all. 

Boris Why didn’t you lock the country down tight in March of last year , rather then allow everyone in ???

We live on an island !!!

We could have controlled the outbreak ! 

I would hate to have had your job this past year with Covid & Brexit whilst also having a newborn baby. Whilst you didn't get it all right, you showed up, got things done and didn't quit. Thank you. 

Cherry Mortgage & Finance Ltd

It's a tough job at the top and I truly don't envy anyone in Goverment, with the constant pelting of rotten tomatoes being a standard part of their day. Along came a novel virus and, without precedent, the world - not just the UK - had to react very quickly. For some, our Goverment locked down too late. For others, the lockdown has been far too draconian. The UK is also not alone in facing economic woes post-pandemic, but the variety of measures put in place by our Chancellor must be applauded as we move back to a sense of normality - a worst-case scenario has been avoided. 

The work conducted by our Members of Parliament must be emotionally draining. Holding the incumbent Goverment and it's advisers to account is certainly necessary, but we talk a lot about mental health these days so I'm not sure why so many members of our society feel that politicians are valid targets for their outright abuse. Bravo Boris Johnson, Kate Bingham, Rishi Sunnak et al, and keep up the good work.

Why do you and Rishi Sunak think it's okay to leave three million people out of all forms of government support for a year but it's okay to give your mates, with no previous experience, billions of pounds to run test and trace, provide PPE (all failing btw) but you can't check our legitimate tax returns and support us? 

Love Partying

I don't envy you or your position at all! There are very few people in the world that could make some of the judgment calls you've had to in the last 12 months. But, please get rid of SAGE and PHE, they have become the death of this country with one sided badly judged advice, scaring millions into doom. what we need now if a fresh outlook, opening the economey faster than your plan, ditch all the face coverings and let us see and speak to one another. Especially for the kids!

The Little Sensory Box

You have not been in an easy position Boris. I do not agree with all the decisions, but at least decisions were made and now there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Amit Shah
Founder at Teddo Play

Mr Johnson, you have shown great character in this extraordinary crisis that the world has found itself in. It surely isn't an easy job but to make Britain great again, we'll need to think outside the box, think what would Elon do! Let's stop at nothing and accomplish what we set out to do! You have the whole country backing you!

Tori Deslauriers Photography

My business sits in tatters after a year of not working with next to no government support, while the PM with £160K+ job security bumbles his way through his inconsistencies at various briefings and releases, and I don't feel that my now curbed life is in the best hands. I try to remain grateful for my health, my happiness and my family. I watch the government encourage us to eat out to 'help out' then watch them tell us off for having being out spreading the virus. I watch them clap on doorsteps then break the rules, justifying their own indiscretions while citizens are arrested at will under difficult to interpret guidelines. I spend my days teaching my son free will while I have little. I haven't felt so confused since I was a child myself... 

Vision Architects

Hey Boris !

Yes , it's been a challenging year and we can all pick apart what has worked and what hasn't - hindsight is a great thing.

However , simple rules business follow would have helped - surround yourself with experts , not just the medical experts but the business experts , set clear goals and define your outcomes.

Be transparent , be authentic - hardly words that summed up the Cummings events .Owning and learning from mistakes would have done far more good than the bluff and bluster and general faffing !