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As a magician by trade, (and one who has auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent as a snippet of interest), Eddie entertains people at weddings, trade shows, events, award nights, parties and pretty much any other gathering. Or at least he did until Covid-19 struck.

Hey, I’m Eddie and we wow people, that remember you.

Magic is terribly misunderstood. It gets such a bad reputation, which it does not deserve.

Building the foundation on something that attracts and engages memories for amazing people, wins incredible clients and accelerates your growth.

It feels great to be recognised as the authority in your space for networking, making people feel entertained and thinking outside the box.

The company that all the other companies want to be when it comes to entertaining clients and prospective customers. Creating growth

That’s how Magic should be.

But somewhere along the way you have had a bad experience, doing events by numbers, lost the passion to wow.

That’s where Eddie Young Magic comes in.

We are THE Entertainment company. We pack small, hit BIG, creating moments that magical turn in memories of you, your company, brand, product, or services that people will remember and the feeling you cared about them

Are you ready?

To unleash the potential in your Trade show, Events, Awards and even Weddings

If you would like to talk about working with Eddie Young Magic or a mutual love of best Gins email is the easiest and the best


Just some of WHAT WE DO:

? Awards Nights - Packs small and ? hits big
? Trade Shows - Generate a buzz and increase leads
? Corporate Day - A Thank you to your staff and customers
? Weddings - Gels the whole today together making wedding days remembered for years

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