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Financial advice done differently. All based around financial and life planning, coaching, financial therapy. The biggest risk we all face is that we won’t get to live the life we wanted to live.

Life Planning is the process that addresses our biggest risk head-on and is done before we discuss the other risks that you face. Financial Planning deals with investment risks and this comes later in the process.

We often face the twin dangers of not being daring enough, and thus living a smaller life – or daring too much, beyond our economic means or our true comfort zone and jeopardizing our future and other important areas of our lives. In Life Planning we discover that most people have dared too little, and too often ignored the things that they really care about the most. Usually, these things won’t break the bank, won’t take that much economically to deliver, and will bless us with enormous reserves of energy and joy that we will be able to apply to every area of our lives, including the economic part. Life planning is much more than just investment planning. In order to invest wisely, we need to understand what we are saving for.

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